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Concept development

Our works
Development of the concept the second phase of the project The project "Fish Village" in Kaliningrad implemented taking into account the conclusions and recommendations of the experts developed the concept of Penny Lane Realty

Developing the concept of building a country town located on the west Moscow region Is completed the construction of a cottage settlement in the suburbs in an area of over 20 hectares in accordance with the concept of Penny Lane Realty

Creating the concept and technical project a shopping center in Orel The new multifunctional shopping center (Regional Centre for retail trade) in Orel is designed on the basis of our concept

Preparation of the concept of building a shopping and entertainment center in the city of Stavropol Was prepared an investment documentation for construction of shopping and entertainment center with total area of 50.1 thousand square meters

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Penny Lane Realty Company provides services to develop the concept of the construction project or the analysis and optimization of existing (rekontsept).

Need to develop a concept

The future success of any investment project in many ways laid down in a carefully thought-out concept. The project concept was developed by us on the knowledge of the current real estate market situation in light of trends and projections and professional experiences of our experts, increase the investment value of your project and ensure risk reduction in its implementation.

Professional concept, of course, is necessary for owners of large land plots in the case of their implementation. In this case, you can have a meaningful understanding of the potential buyer has to sell the project to add value through value-added, which gives the research survey.

That includes the concept?

Paper on the concept comprises:
* information on the amount of construction taking into account the urban limits;
* analysis of the landing sites of built on the land, the definition of the target objects use every floor with the zoning;
* feasibility study;
* method of deriving an object on the market, the ideology and techniques of the advertising company.


If the project investor, in accordance with the concept prepared by us, we are ready
* provide consulting support in the design of buildings;
* assist in attracting investments (raising finance);
* adjust the concept of changing external factors;
* facilitate the derivation of objects on the market.