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Highest and best use analysis

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Analysis of the most effective program separate from the land area of 1.5 hectares in Dzerzhinsk, Moscow Region. The Investor refused to purchase land in the Moscow region, because the economic effect of its development are more likely to expect a negative

Analysis of the most efficient use of land in the city of Cheboksary The building is consrtacted in the city of Cheboksary in accordance with the analysis of the most efficient use of land, held by experts Penny Lane Realty

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Analysis of the most efficient use (Best use) identifies the most profitable and competitive form of a specific object property.

The best and most efficient use of the property is a use of free or built-up land, which is legally possible and appropriate, designed, physically feasible, provided the financial resources and providing maximum value.

Accordingly, the analysis of the most effective use of free or built-up land includes the following steps:

* examines the legal and town planning restrictions on building or reconstruction of the territory. Defined possible options for building a physically feasible, taking into account legal restrictions.
* identify promising areas of development based on marketing studies of various segments of the real estate market in the area of the land.
* the construction of cash flows (cash flow) for the implementation of promising areas of construction projects. Identify the most preferred option of the territory in terms of better economic benefit.

Prepared by our specialists analyze highest and best use will determine the owner (lessee) of land with the concept of an object. The result of the analysis of highest and best use is the fusion of the concept of territory.