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Business planning

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Business plan to build the apartments in Sochi Designed apartment hotel in the resort city of Sochi on the Black Sea coast of the western Caucasus. Business plan of investment project to build upscale hotels was compiled Penny Lane Realty

Business plan to build a shopping center with underground parking in the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow Opened a credit line for construction of a shopping center with underground parking. Business plan drawn up by members of Penny Lane Realty had been successfully adopted by a credit committee.

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If the feasibility study (FS) indicates the advisability of investing in the construction or reconstruction, the focus of business planning is done on program implementation, construction and description of business schemes.

Business plan indicates that the project objectives and the means to achieve them while reducing risks. Business plan is something like a manual for those directly implementing the project. Investor on the paper before the project can see the potential problems and ways to overcome them.


Our huge advantage in preparing a business plan is that we are willing to accept responsibility for the implementation of the object when choosing the path that we recommend, and following those recommendations that we give.