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Marketing research

Our works
Analysis of the land market of the Moscow Region and marketing studies of profitability of the investment project of building a cottage village in Moscow region The investor refused to enter into the construction of a country village in early 2008 on the basis of market analysis compiled by experts Penny Lane Realty.

Analysis of market areas in shopping centers and retail space market (street retail) Marketing Research Penny Lane Realty in the segment of commercial real estate were adopted by the Department of the Moscow Property for analysis of existing rental rates

Analysis of the real estate markets in the Russian Federation Real estate market analysis conducted in more than thirty centers of the Russian Federation to determine the investment climate

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Market research and demand studies

Marketing research is an important factor for success on the market. After all, marketing research aimed at identifying a consumer (the study of demand) and market (market research).

Why do I need marketing research?

Using the data of marketing research can make a product more customer-oriented, to answer the question, what market segment is most in demand for investment in the current or future, whether to expect success in the market entry of objects of the new format.

Our advantages

Real estate agency Penny Lane Realty operates in the property market in all segments and has reliable information.