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Feasibility study

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Valuation of land in the city of Tver and the preparation of a feasibility study for construction Is constructed project of shopping center lease area of more than 45 thousand square meters in the city of Tver

Drawing up a feasibility study on the appropriateness of an investment project to build houses on the site over 10 hectares in St. Petersburg Had opened a credit line to finance the construction of a housing complex in St. Petersburg on the site over 10 hectares

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Feasibility Study (FS) to judge the economic feasibility (or reasonable) the implementation of the proposed project construction or modernization / renovation of the existing facility. The results of a feasibility study (FS) based on market research of real estate market, analysis of capital costs, estimates of associated investment project risks.

Feasibility Study (FS) enables investors (credit institutions) to determine whether to invest money (finance) in the proposed project and, if so then indicate what economic effect is expected in the future.

In fact, the feasibility study, based on the opinions of market players, is the starting point for the implementation of any investment project, if it is not unprofitable and its IRR happy developer.


Our huge advantage in preparing a business plan is that we are willing to accept responsibility for the implementation of the object when choosing the path that we recommend, and following those recommendations that we give.