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Raising finance

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One important component of the investment project is a form of financing. Funding for construction at the expense of own and borrowed funds. Advantages of property funds is the speed their attraction, however, own funds, almost always severely limited and aimed at solving current problems. It should be noted, the less equity invested in the project, the greater the relative return on equity in its implementation.

Thus, without borrowing, is not feasible, no meaningful development project. In this case, we must distinguish attracted funds by type: credit and investment funds.

If the attraction of debt financing is a loan to the lending institutions, but under the provision of liquid assets as collateral, then the attraction of investment is in anticipation of future profits from the project. Consequently, the first path means greater autonomy for the project, but additional financial burden (loan) and the risks borne by the company-borrower. The second path, determine the loss of full control over the company, but the risks are divided between co-investors.

Real estate agency Penny Lane Realty has a wide range of services in terms of attracting finance:

* determination of optimal and efficient sources of funding, given the required volumes;
* preparation of the necessary supporting documentation, which is receiving considerable attention from credit institutions or investment funds, including:
   * development of a concept development project with a feasibility study;
   * writing a business plan;
   * asset valuation developer;
* search and attraction of credit institutions or investment funds.