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Our works
Valuation of land plots for determining the contribution of share capital Determined the proportion of property investment (land in Moscow region) in the share capital by creating a legal entity

Revaluation of fixed assets of the enterprise to optimize the taxation and depreciation Reduced tax revenue by 12,2% due to the optimization of the tax base through the revaluation of fixed assets engineering enterprise

Valuation of property complex for the restructuring of credit debts Restructured credit debts on the basis of an evaluation of the business center area of 30,000 m2 located on the territory of Moscow SEAD

Determining the size of the inherited mass For notarial acts specified size of the inherited mass (country house)

Valuation of the business center to get a loan Obtained a loan of more than a billion rubles bail assessed by our company real estate

Assessment of the market and liquidation value of the apartment Get a mortgage in the amount specified in the appraisal report, performed Penny Lane Realty


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Penny Lane Realty provides real estate appraisal services determined in accordance with Federal Law On Valuation Activities in the Russian Federation (№ 135-FZ of 29.07.1998 was) Valuation of property - the process of determining the market value or other rights in respect of the estimated object.

Penny Lane Realty Specialists have vast and long experience in providing valuation services, property valuation and other assets.

Types of services

We provide appraisal services for:
*luxury apartments and town houses;
*land ownership or lease;
*commercial real estate, including property systems and assets under construction;
*investment projects.

In some cases, may require a property valuation?

Need to assess the property occurs:
* in the commission of sale of the facility;
* when lending to bail estimated object;
* when determining the amount of property capital contributions;
* in solving property disputes, including in the courts;
* the revaluation of assets and tax optimization;
* when determining the amount of insurance premium in case of insurance valued the facility;
* in management decisions in the field of investment;
* when seizures or temporary occupation of land;
* and other cases.

Quality Declaration

Real estate appraisal, we conducted strictly in accordance with Russian legislation regulating the assessment activities, federal appraisal standards, international standards.

In the provision of valuation services, we guarantee high quality, fulfilling the terms of work, independence of the assessment, confidentiality.

Our advantages

In a media opacity company Penny Lane Realty has a distinct advantage over the majority of appraisal firms. We really are in the market, runs the real estate market with buyers and sellers know the demand and supply, to objectively determine the value.


Professional liability Appraisers Penny Lane Realty providing valuation services are insured.