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Maxim Shatunov   Maxim Shatunov, Director of Evaluation and Analysis Penny Lane Realty

He graduated from Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov Moscow State University with qualifications in mathematics degree in Applied Mathematics. In 2002-2003, was retrained in the Interdisciplinary Institute of Advanced Training and retraining of managers and specialists of the Russian Economic Academy of GV Plekhanov's program "Professional evaluation and examination of objects and property rights."
«Penny Lane Realty Specialists have vast and long experience in providing valuation services, property valuation and other assets (business, securities, intangible resources, etc). For some clients to assess due to the requirement of the legislation to others is a tool for optimization and decision points for the third - only the assessment made by an independent company may decide a property dispute. We provide impeccable service. In our work we use the latest information about these real estate market, because they themselves are working on it, as well as modern methodology.»